Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My target to be achieve in 2011:-

1. Getting married with her!! (InsyaAllah at the end of year)

2. Send dad and mum to mecca (postpone to early next year)

2. Buy first house (otw, although the process are so complicated!!)huhu plus all the furniture..huhu

3. Keeping capital for business cum honeymoon trip to bandung and ho chin minh next year!!(huhuhuhuhu, although my capital all this while end in waste!! )

4. Achieve well in master result!!(One already sangkut, Yet another one i thing i can excel!!)

5. Moving a step to take Ir. (it still far, arghh to many thing to do)

huhu.. I'm fatigue!!


It is have been quite hard for me to blog lately. My mind is consists of many thought that i can put in this blog but all are often too sensitive, and i'm not intent to hurt other feelings. it is so hard, and that why my blog is empty!!

A friend few time asked me to update the blog but this problem kept me from posting anything. I wonder if i put something meaningless, is the will be people that wanna read my stories then??

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


1. Circumcision - Who would not be terrify??

2. SPM Result

3. Aqad

4. Laying parent's body in the grave.

Those are the moment that will scared me most. The preparation to the event is crucial, and must be readied with all your heart and action!!!Any comment??

Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm not sure whether the girl realising these kind of action by guy who deeply in love with them, but these are the behaviour that they will do!!

1. Dumping friends. definition, to be with you, they will reschedule their appoinment with friend or even broken promise with friend just to make he will be there for you.

2. Mumbling because of text message. Dont ever forget to text them at the time you usually do. Else their mind will be worried and thinking something bad happen to you!!

3. Waiting. Guy hate waiting, but they wait for you even they have to do nothing for long hours.

4. Always want to be the first!! They will call/text you few minute before midnight of your birthday just to say birthday to you. They will also do the same on your parents birthday, anniversary!!

5. Loving things they hate before. You know that they hate doing something you asked him to do with you before, but in time they will love it, much more than you do.

6. Mention to him about anything you, your parent, siblings need and asking you to do and he will get it to without having you to request to him??

7. Always be a lose side when in dispute, although it clearly your fault.

8. When you in fever, he will buy your porridge and deliver to your home!!